DG World

DG WORLD is an actual magazine that is tied to DentGroup Clinics and it is being published once in every 6 months. In May 2015, it has begin its broadcasting life and unlike other corporate magazines that only tells about themselves and their sector, its mission is to inform all current art, cultural, touristic, technological and social developments.

Its publishing policy is to appeal a particular part of society that has a certain intellectual level, indiscriminately of religion, language, race and gender.

Our distribution channels are DentGroup branches (current number is 11 while distribution is made to 9 branches in Istanbul, 1 branch in Antalya and 1 branch in Bodrum), residences of Premium patients, Contracted Institutions, Premium service areas (coiffure, sports hall, automobile services etc), our partners who come to the General Directorate for meeting, and  businessmen/ businesswomen and the annual quantity is realized as 20.000 pieces.  They are presented for the usage of 70.000 patients who are registered in our system.

By considering the reader mass, place is given for brands having A-AB group consumers in their advertisement areas.