DentGroup Management Team

Dt. Efe Çelebi Board Chairman

Çelebi, who was born in Istanbul in year 1981, graduated from Uskudar American High School in 1999 and frpö the Faculty of Dentistry at Yeditepe University in 2004. After completing his military service, he opened his own clinic on İstanbul Bagdat main road. He became the founding partner of DentGroup in 2006. He is still holding the position of Board Chairman at DentGroup. Çelebi, who is married and has 2 girls, is a member of EDAD (Aesthetic Dentistry Academy) and TOID (Turkish Oral Implantology Association). Efe Çelebi, is only holding the position of Board Chairman at DentGroup and he carries out works focusing on the growth and branding of DentGroup.

Dt. Neşve Kayabaşoğlu Brand Member

Dt. Neşve Kayabaşoğlu is born in Ankara in year 1980. She graduated from Yeditepe University Dentisty Faculty successfully in 2004. She started studying as a master student at Yeditepe University Dentistry Faculty Department of Pedodontics (Pediatric Dentistry) in 2005. In 2007, she started working as pedodontist at Private Acıbadem Kozyatağı Hospital and Private Acıbadem Bağdat Medical Center. In year 2009, she started working at Anatolian John Hopkins Hospital. In March, 2012 by joining DentGroup family, she established DentGroup Kids clinic on Bagdat main street. Besides Pediatric Dentistry, Msc. Dt. Neşve Kayabaşoğlu is also Brand Member.

Dr. Cihan Çapan Brand Member

Dr. Cihan Çapan, who was born in Germany, entered Istanbul University Dentistry Faculty in 1993 and after graduating in 1999, he began studying for doctorate at Marmara University Dentistry Faculty Department of Periodontology. After studying for periodontology doctorate for 1,5 years, he transfered to Yeditepe University Department of Orthodontics. Çapan, who attained the title of Orthodontist in 2005, opened his private clinic in 2006 and in the same year he founded Dentgroup Dental Clinics. Çapan, still continues with his works at DentGroup Bağdat Main Street. Besides being an orthodontist, Dr. Cihan Çapan is also the Brand Member of DentGroup. He is a member of Roth Williams International Society of Orthodontists, Turkish Orthodontics Association, European Orthodontic Society, and World Federation of Orthodontist institutions.