Importance of Age in Orthodontics Treatment

Importance of Age in Orthodontics Treatment Orthodontics problems have two types First one is related with teeth problems. We can list them as overlapping, bended teeth, teeth with spaces, and turned teeth. Second one is related with skeleton problems. These are cases where upper or lower chin comes far to the front or where there are problems relating with front opening and closing. Either one of these problems can be seen or both problems could occur at the same time. There are no age limitations with teeth problems. If a person is 55 years old and if there is sufficient bones and teeth in his mouth, he can still have orthodontics treatment. Because teeth can move for a lifetime. But if a persion has skeleton problem age is very important in the treatment. For example if a child in growth phase (10-15 ages) has his lower chin to the back, this can be corrected with orthodontics devices. This treatment is realized by using child’s skeleton growth potential. While growth development slows down at age 17 in men, this ends up at age 16 in girls. Ages between 10-15 are when skeleton develops fast and in these periods skeleton problems can be easily treated by an orthodontist. If the growth development phase is over and there is a skeleton problem, what can be done? Treatment can be done again. But this time instead of orthodontist, plastic surgeon makes the lower chin that is to the back, come towards the front. While orthodontist aligns upper and lower chin perfectly, plastic surgeon treats skeleton disorder. This process being realized by plastic surgeon is named as orthognathic surgery. If we summarize the importance of age in orthodontics, we could state that orthodontics treatment can be realized at all ages. Age only changes our orthodontics treatment plan and way.

Doctor who wrote the article: Dr. Cihan Çapan