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Dt. E. Emek Ertener Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic Dentist Ekim Emek Ertener was born in İstanbul. She completed her high school education at İstek Foundation Private Atanur Oğuz High School. She graduated from Yeditepe University Dentistry Faculty. She works at DentGroup Göztepe, of which she is a partner.

Dt. Mert Kalak Aesthetic Dentistry dt.mertkalak

Aesthetic Dentist Mert Kalak was bom in Uşak. After graduating from Maltepe Military High School in 2008 he completed his education at Kocaeli University Dentistry Faculty in 2014. Dt. Mert Kalak, who continued with his studies at a private clinic in Kocaeli for two years, took va- rious trainings in digital dentistry, aesthetic den- tistry and implantology. Besides being the winner of DentGroup Case Contest in 2016, he has DSD (Digital Smile Design) certificate of Coachman. After the contest, he began working as dentist at DentGroup Göztepe clinic and as Medical Research and development Director at DentGroup A.Ş. He is a member of EDAD and CADA.

Dt. Ozan Şener Aesthetic Dentistry ozansener

Aesthetic Dentist Ozan Şener wasAesthetic Dentist Ozan Şener wasborn in Gaziantep. After graduatingfrom Gaziantep College FoundationScience High School in 2010, hecompleted his education at Gazian-tep University Dentistry Faculty in2015. After he graduated he fo-cused on Implantology, Aestheticand Digital Dentistry. Dt. Ozan Şe-ner, who continued working at pri-vate clinics in Istanbul, joined Dent-Group family after winning the 2ndprize at DentGroup Case Contest in2016. He is a member of EDADand TDB. He is working as dentistat DentGroup Göztepe branch.Aesthetic Dentist Mert Kalak is bornin Uşak. After graduating from Mal-tepe Military High School in 2008,he completed his education atKocaeli University Dentistry Facultyin 2014. Dt. Mert Kalak, who conti-nued working at a private clinic inKocaeli for two years, attendedvarious trainings on digital den-tistry, aesthetic dentistry and im-plantology. Besides being the win-ner of DentGroup Case Contest in2016, he has DSD (Digital SmileDesign) certificate of ChristianCoachman. After the contest, hebegan working as dentist at Dent-Group Goztepe clinic and as Medical research and development director at DentGroup A.S. He is a member of EDAD and CADA.

Dr. Ahmet AkgülOrthodontist dr.ahmetakgul

Orthodontist Dr. Ahmet Akgül was born in Artvin Yusufeli. After completing Antalya Yusuf Ziya Öner Science High School, he was graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Dentistry. He also completed his education in orthodontics at Atatürk University Faculty of Dentistry, Department of Orthodontics. He is a member of Turkish Orthodontics Society and European Orthodontics Society. Specialist Dr. Ahmet Akgül is continuing his service at DentGroup Göztepe clinic.

Dr. Akın Öztemel Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery akinoztemel

Akın Öztemel, who is a Mouth, Tooth and Jaw Surgery Specialist is born in Ankara. He completed his junior and senior high school edu- cation at Afyon Kocatepe Anatolian High School. He completed his undergraduation between years of 2001 and 2006 at Gazi University Dentistry Faculty. After completing his residency education at the department of Mouth, Tooth and Jaw Surgery at the same faculty, he began working as Jaw Surgery Specialist at Sancaktepe ADSM. He attended various symposiums on Oral and maxillofacial Surgery and Oral Implantology both within and outside the country. He is a member of Turkish Dentists Asso- ciation (TDB) and Turkish Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Associa-tion (TAOMS). He is a partner of Dent- Group Bağdat Main Street and he also realizes treatments at Dent- Group Göztepe

DentGroup Göztepe Clinic Coordinator

Yeşim Koçyiğit DentGroup Göztepe Clinic Coordinator

Yeşim Koçyiğit is born in Istanbul in year 1985 She completed her junior high school education at Erenkoy Elementary School and her senior high school education at 50th Year Tahran High School. As our DentGroup Göztepe branch is opened in year 2007, she joined DentGroup family as Patient Relations Responsible. In the following years she worked as Financial Affairs and Corporate Affairs responsible and currently she continues working as DentGroup Göztepe Clinic Coordinator. She got training on “How projects relating with analysis of employee satisfaction are measured” and she has got Computerized Accounting Certificate, ISO9001 Quality Management Certificate, and Internal Audit Certificate.

Contact Information
Address: Fahrettin Kerim Gökay Cad. (Minibüs Cad.) No: 269 Sahrayıcedid / Kadıköy / İSTANBUL
Call Center: 444 88 21
Telephone: 0216 356 0 356
Mobil: 0530 200 08 98

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Working DAys and Hours
Monday – Friday 09:00 – 19:00

Saturday 09:00 – 17:00

Spoken Languages
Türkçe, İngilizce, Almanca


DentGroup Göztepe was founded in 2007 as Dentist Bijen Muhit joined DentGroup family. After Aesthetic Dentist Emek Ertener became one of the partners in 2016, its corporate structure expanded more. DentGroup Göztepe works as being integrated to all DentGroup brances with DentSoft software and provides services in the area of Digital Dentistry.

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