Bijen Muhit was born in Germany and she graduated from Hayrullah Kefoğlu High School in 1989 and from İstanbul University Capa Den- tistry Faculty in 1997. She has been the founder and manager of various clinics. Between 2004-2007 she worked at Medicana Çamlıca Hos- pital mainly on dental treatment and surgeries of pregnant women and patients undergoing cardiovascular and hemodialysis treatment. By joining DentGroup in 2007 he worked on the process of institutio- nalization and branjawg with Efe Çelebi and Cihan Çapan and bet- ween 2007-2016 he worked as founding dentist at DentGroup Göztepe. In 2016 he opened Dent- Group Bodrum clinic. He attended national and international congress and programs on screening met- hods relating with biohorizons Den- tal Implants, reasons for successful and unsuccessful cases with im- plants, and planning of prosthesis over the implants. Muhit, continues working at DentGroup Bodrum cli- nic on implant, treatment of embed- ded teeth and aesthetic dentistry. He is a member of Turkish Dentists Association (TDB)