DentGroup Management Team

Msc. Dt. Neşve Kayabaşoğlu Brand Member

Msc. Dt. Neşve Kayabaşoğlu is born in Ankara in year 1980. She graduated from Yeditepe University Dentisty Faculty successfully in 2004. She started studying as a master student at Yeditepe University Dentistry Faculty Department of Pedodontics (Pediatric Dentistry) in 2005. In 2007, she started working as pedodontist at Private Acıbadem Kozyatağı Hospital and Private Acıbadem Bağdat Medical Center. In year 2009, she started working at Anatolian John Hopkins Hospital. In March, 2012 by joining DentGroup family, she established DentGroup Kids clinic on Bagdat main street. Besides Pediatric Dentistry, Msc. Dt. Neşve Kayabaşoğlu is also Brand Member.

Dt. Efe Çelebi Board Chairman

Çelebi, who was born in Istanbul in year 1981, graduated from Uskudar American High School in 1999 and frpö the Faculty of Dentistry at Yeditepe University in 2004. After completing his military service, he opened his own clinic on İstanbul Bagdat main road. He became the founding partner of DentGroup in 2006. He is still holding the position of Board Chairman at DentGroup. Çelebi, who is married and has 2 girls, is a member of EDAD (Aesthetic Dentistry Academy) and TOID (Turkish Oral Implantology Association). Efe Çelebi, who stopped working as a dentist starting from year 2016, is only holding the position of Board Chairman at DentGroup and he carries out works focusing on the growth and branding of DentGroup.

Dr. Cihan Çapan Brand Member

Dr. Cihan Çapan, who was born in Germany, entered Istanbul University Dentistry Faculty in 1993 and after graduating in 1999, he began studying for doctorate at Marmara University Dentistry Faculty Department of Periodontology. After studying for periodontology doctorate for 1,5 years, he transfered to Yeditepe University Department of Orthodontics. Çapan, who attained the title of Orthodontist in 2005, opened his private clinic in 2006 and in the same year he founded Dentgroup Dental Clinics. Çapan, still continues with his works at DentGroup Bağdat Main Street. Besides being an orthodontist, Dr. Cihan Çapan is also the Brand Member of DentGroup. He is a member of Roth Williams International Society of Orthodontists, Turkish Orthodontics Association, European Orthodontic Society, and World Federation of Orthodontist institutions.

Neslihan Özbek Digital Marketing and Patient Relations Manager

Digital Communication Director She is born in İstanbul in 1985. She is married and she is the mother of 2 children . She completed her high school education at Fenerbahçe Super High School and her undergraduate education at the Faculty of Communication at Marmara University. After completing his undergraduate education, she attended Health Enterprises Management Program at İstanbul Technical University Continuous Education Center and she got “Health Enterprises Manage-ment” certificate. She also has ISO 9001 and OHSAS inspection certificates. She had graphic design education at Maltepe University Continuous Education Center. Since year 2009 she is working within the body of DentGroup. She continues working at the clinic of DentGroup on Bağdat Main street as Clinic Coordinator, where she had started to work as Patient relations responsible. In 2013 as DentGroup Aş is established and DentGroup General Center is opened she continues with her career as DentGroup Digital Marketing and Patients Relations Manager. Since year 2017 she continues working as Social and Digital Media Marketing Management.

Ahmet Ekici Visual Communication Specialist

Ahmet Ekici is born in Istanbul in 1994. He is having his education at Yeni Yuzyil University Communication Faculty Visual Communication Design Division since year 2012. She has started working as an apprentice in DentGroup Corporate Communication Department in year 2015. She continues working at DentGroup as Visual Communication Specialist.

Ahmet ÇiftçiSupply Chain Manager

Ahmet Çiftçi who was born in Istanbul 1975, graduated from Istanbul University Electrical Engineering Department. In 1997, Çiftçi started his professional life at Axa-Oyak Insurance Company. He was Purchasing Specialist at Assistance Computer Company and Sanovel Pharmaceutical Company in 2003. Ahmet Çiftçi worked for 3 years at KAPED Tourism&Organisation Company as Purchasing Manager. He pursued his career as Supply Chain Manager in DentGroup. Ahmet Çiftçi is married with 2 children.

Dt. Mert Kalak Medical Research and Development Manager

Aesthetic Dentist Mert Kalak is born in Uşak in year 1990. After graduating from Maltepe Military High School in year 2008, he completed Kocaeli University Faculty of Dentistry in 2014. DrçMert Kalak, who continued with his works at a Private clinic in Kocaeli for two years, has attended various trainings in digital dentistry, aesthetic dentistry, and implantology. Together with his winnership in 2016 DentGroup Incident Contest, he also holds DSD (Digital Smile Design) Certificate of Christian Coachman Following the contest, he started working as dentist at DentGroup Göztepe clinic and as Medical Research and Development Director at DentGroup A.Ş. He is a member of EDAD and CADA.

Nuşin Mısırlı Baklavacı International Sales Specialist

Nuşin Mısırlı Baklavacı  was born in 1970, Istanbul. She completed her high school degree in Pierre Loti French School, İstanbul. She speaks both English and French languages. Understands little German, Spanish & Italian  languages. Between 1991-1992 she worked as Front Office Clerk at swissotel The Bosphorus. Between 1992-1996 she worked as Account Executive at I.M.A.G.E Public Relations. Between 1996-2008 she worked as Sales & marketing Manager at Emirates Airlines. Between 2009-2010 she worked as Marketing Manager at Lykia Group/Antalya. Between 2011-2012 she worked as Marketing Manager at ER-AH Aviation School/Antalya. Between 2012-2014 she worked as Marketing Consultant at Albatros Aviation /Antalya. Between 2015-2017 she worked as translater at Lara Anadolu Hospital/Antalya

Muhammet Ali Kızılkaya DentGroup Ataşehir Dental Tourism Coordinator

Muhammet Ali Kızılkaya was born in İstanbul in 1994. He completed his high school education at Kurtköy High School in Foreign Language Department. In 2012, he started his undergraduate education at Atatürk University – English Language and Literature (Philology). He graduated in 2017. He has advanced competence in English. Since 2017, he has been working as Dental Tourism Coordinator at DentGroup Ataşehir.

Furkan Kaplan International Sales Specialist

Furkan Kaplan is born in Adana in year 1991. He started his undergraduate education at Afyon Kozatepe University Health Institutions Management Division in year 2009. He graduated from American Language schools with certificate degree of “C1” in 2012. He got education at Kiev International Linguistics University on Russian Language and literature for one year in 2015. He is working as International Sales Specialist at DentGroup

Cihan Yiğitcanlı Vip Transfer Responsible

Cihan Yiğitcanlı is born in Istanbul in year 1981. He completed his high school education at Kadikoy Mujde Evening High School. He continues his education at Open Education Faculty Business Administration Division. He worked as Collector driver at Finansbank and as official chauffeur at Akmar Holding. He is the VIP driver at DentGroup and deals with transfer operations.

Gülseren SarıGeneral Directorate-Secretariat

Gülseren Sarı is born in İstanbul. She completed her high school education at Maltepe Girls Vocational School. After completing Champion Computer and Computer Operations Courses, she worked in the Credit Cards Department in HSBC Bank and later on she worked at the reception of Şahin Machinery company. She continues with her working life at the General Directorate of DentGroup as Secretariat since year 2016.

Our Clinic Coordinators

Kader Kaya DentGroup Ataşehir Clinic Coordinator

She is born in İstanbul. She graduated from Accounting Division of Ümraniye Anatolian Trade Vocational High School. During her education, she had her apprenticeship besides a financial advisor. Afterwards, she worked at General Directorate of Gold Computer company. She started working as Patient Relations Responsible at DentGroup Ataşehir in 2013. She got various training such as management of interpersonal disputes and projects for analysing employee satisfaction. She continues to work as Clinic Coordinator at DentGroup Atasehir since 2014. She continues her education at the Health Institutions Management Division

Dilek Çelik DentGroup Bağdat Caddesi Clinic Coordinator

Dilek Çelik, who is born in Istanbul in year 1987, has graduated from Eskişehir Anatolian University Faculty of Economics Public Management Division and from Open Education Faculty Health Institutions Management Division. She works in the health sector since 2006. She joined DentGroup family in year 2015. She continues having education in the fields of public relations and personal development.

Ece Muhit DentGroup Bodrum Clinic Coordinato

Ece Muhit was born in Istanbul and she is a master architect. In 2000, she was graduated at the top of her class in Yıldız Teknik University, Architecture Department.  Later, she completed her master’s degree in Architectural Design and started her business career. At different firms and projects, she worked as architecture, Project supervisor and Project director. Now, she is working as Clinic Coordinator at DentGroup Bodrum.

Hüsniye Özdemir DentGroup Maslak Klinik Koordinatörü

Hüsniye Özdemir, who was born in Istanbul in year 1983, graduated from Eskisehir Anatolian University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Business Administration Division, afer completing his high school education at Üsküdar Trade Vocational School. He continued his working life in the fields of finance and accounting at Akbank and private companies. He joined DentGroup family in year 2014 as Maslak branch was opened.

Yeşim Koçyiğit DentGroup Göztepe Clinic Coordinator

Yeşim Koçyiğit is born in Istanbul in year 1985 She completed her junior high school education at Erenkoy Elementary School and her senior high school education at 50th Year Tahran High School. As our DentGroup Göztepe branch is opened in year 2007, she joined DentGroup family as Patient Relations Responsible. In the following years she worked as Financial Affairs and Corporate Affairs responsible and currently she continues working as DentGroup Göztepe Clinic Coordinator. She got training on “How projects relating with analysis of employee satisfaction are measured” and she has got Computerized Accounting Certificate, ISO9001 Quality Management Certificate, and Internal Audit Certificate.

Tülay Keleş DentGroup Kids Clinic Coordinator

She is born in Istanbul in year 1988. She had her high school education at Üsküdar Girls Vocational High School Children’s Development Division. She graduated from Eskişehir Anatolian University Business Administration associate degree. She is still a student at the 1th class in the Division of Business Administration at Anatolian University. She has got psychology and pre-accounting certificates

Muhammet Sait Akkuş DentGroup Çekmeköy Clinic Coordinator

He is born in Ahlat in year 1986. He completed his high school education at Mersin 19th of May High School. He has got Computer, Accounting, Fundamental First Aid certificates. He worked at Mersin State Hospital, Sağlık-Sen Mersin Branch, DentAilem Mouth and Dental Health Polyclinic. He works as Clinic Coordinator at DentGroup Çekmeköy.

Taner Özer DentGroup Yenibosna Clinical coordinator

Taner Özer was born in Malatya and studied high school in Şehit Kemal Özalper Endüstri Meslek High School / Computer Department. He still studies at İnönü University, Computer Department. He worked in communications and consultancy fields at Turkcell and Eren Holding. In 2017, he joined DentGroup family with Yenibosna branch.