DentGroup Supports New Generation Dentists

DentGroup which proceeds with the motto of new generation dentistry, began to work to show that they are besides all new generation dentists and to relieve their problems even if a little bit.

They began by establishing DentGroup Education Scholarship Fund for all students of dentistry, to relieve them from the costly education processes.

DentGroup family which is aware that financial supports are not enough for a successful education and occupational life, worked to find solutions to eliminate the discrepancies between school and working life regarding which students have a lot of problems. At the end of this, they decided to give the students, to whom they give scholarship, the opportunity for apprenticeship at their clinics. Dentist candidates who benefit from education scholarship of DentGroup, will be able to do app- renticeship in the mid-term or summer holidays at the branches of DentGroup and they will find the opportunity to learn about problems lived in practical life and the solutions before starting to work.
It will bring big happiness to us to work with our collegues who have their apprenticeships in Dent- Group and who are successful and respectful to their occupation and to their patients after their education is completed.
Applications for DentGroup Education Scholarship is made by filling in the form at the address of between 15th of November and 10th of December,2016. After the evaluation of applications, face to face interviews are made with the candidates. At the end of interviews the winning candidates can obtain scholarship for 8 months after 1th of January. For year 2014, DentGroup Education Scholarship amount is 300 Turkish Lira per month.
•       Not being more than25 years old,

•       Getting education at Dentistry Faculties of T.R. universities,

•       Being in need of financial support due to their income situation and assets,

•       Not getting scholarships from other public or private institutions (Scholarship can be obtained from Credit and Dormitories Agency).

•       Not smoking

•       For interim classes: General success average rate being 3 out of 4 and having gained right to pass to upper class. (If general grade average is convenient, only students with 3 unsuccessful classes will be accepted.)

•       Signed Undertaking (Download word

•       Certificate of identity register copy that is
obtained from Registry Directorate
(Document where all family members are
shown) (It can be obtained from e-state),

•       Certificate for settlement place and other
address showing the place ofresidence of
the family (e-state) (If address details are
stated on identity register copy, this
document is not required.)

•       Approved documents showing financial
status of the family:

o Approved pay-roll for employees,
o Copy of Income tax declaration for
freelance workers,
o Document showing monthly

income for retired people (e-state),
o Documents obtained from Social
Security Institution for mother and
father, not having any income,
showing they don’t have records
(4A, 4B, 4C)
•       Copy of identity card,

•       1 piece of passport photograph (It should
be taken within last 6 months and at the
back of photo, name and last name should
be written.)

•       Document for “Criminal Record” (e-state),

•       Approved student certificate taken from
educational institution showing the class to
be attended,

•       Transcript obtained from the education
institution showing lessons taken during
education period, grades and general grade

•       Interview dates will be announced to
students by DentGroup via e-mail and sms.

•       All the above stated documents will be
added to DentGroup Education
Scholarship Application Form and brought
to the interview.

•       In case any of the documents to be
attached to DentGroup Education
Scholarship Application Form is missing,
application will be invalid and it will not
be evaluated.

•       Selections will be made by Board of
Directors of DentGroup .

•       Information will be provided to those
gaining right to have DentGroup Training
Scholarship via e-mail or sms.

Cancellations Conditions of DentGroup Education Scholarship

DentGroup education scholarship is valid for one year. At the end of year, scholars whose criteria are fitting, should make reapplications.


Scholarship of those,

•       Getting scholarship from another

•       Found out to be smoking,

•       Whose success status remains below the
level determined by the regulation,

•       Who can not provide the requested success
documents on time to DentGroup A.§.,

•       Who attend student selection examination
and who change their school resulting in
loss of academic year of semester,

•       Who freeze registration without notifying

•       Can not complete the missing documents

•       Who have realized a discipline crime due
to a disgraceful offense,

•       Who have been condemned,

will be interrupted and in cases required, certain payments made until that date will be requested from the students getting scholarship.